Transalis developed OpenEDI™ from the ground up as a secure, scalable, high performance EDI application platform, which we host securely in the Transalis Cloud. For the smallest supplier through to the largest manufacturer and retailer, we have emerged as the leading EDI Service Provider driving and evolving end-to-end supply chain digital enablement for thousands of our customers in the UK and globally. We understand that a great product by itself is not sufficient. From the start, we envisaged OpenEDI™ being delivered as a world class Managed Service.

OpenEDI™ delivers full EDI capability

OpenEDI™ customers are able to focus on their core business without the additional overheads of staff, technical infrastructure and outside additional resources. OpenEDI™ enables full engagement with your trading partners whilst we take care of their EDI processes and requirements. Together with our innovative cost models and continuous strive to help organisations get the most out of their collaborative network, OpenEDI™ has emerged as the EDI solution of choice for 1000's of users and organisations world-wide.

OpenEDI™ is constantly enhanced

Our close relationship with GS1 and other standards organisations enable us to implement changes to mappings or new transactions earlier than many organisations, effective instantly for anyone to utilise. OpenEDI™ provides total supply chain digital enablement for retailers, suppliers, 3PLs and omnichannel trading partners web, integrated, hybrid and business process digital services.

OpenEDI™ is future-proof

A key catalyst for leading digital transformation, our specialist teams work with clients and digital analysts to define and make the right digital strategy decisions. We enable them to optimise and implement the next generation of digital services by providing innovative solutions that deliver and manage our clients’ digital vision over and above traditional EDI functionality.

OpenEDI™ is being used everywhere

In the demand and supply chain from the smallest business supplying organic honey to retailers through to one of the largest Health & Beauty businesses in the world with thousands of suppliers.

Retailer OpenEDI™

Provides a fully managed EDI service to any size retailer with all inclusive of EDI processes and technology. For retailers, hubs, 3PLs, businesses and organisations of all sizes and omnichannel trading partners. Read More

Supplier OpenEDI™

Supports and builds collaborative supply chain communities. For suppliers seeking to implement their own EDI solution through to trading networks enabling whole supplier communities. Read More

Web OpenEDI™

It's EDI made easy. Web OpenEDI™ is the easiest & most flexible EDI solution available today. No software or EDI knowledge required. Scalable for all businesses large and small. Read More

Integrated OpenEDI™

It's EDI the way you want it. Integrated OpenEDI™ provides seamless EDI Integration with your own systems. Data straight through between your organisation and your trading partner. No software or EDI knowledge required. Scalable for all businesses large and small. Read More