Below we have listed the most common questions we get asked and the answers to those questions. If you can't find the answer here, please contact techsupport@transalis.com


  • How Do I search for an Order/ASN/Invoice? Use the search field on the front of each tab to search for the required document. Enter the details in the fields and leave any that are not needed blank Remember all fields are case sensitive.
  • What can I search on? You can search for order number, Order date sender name and delivery date.
  • How can I list all documents (without filtering)? To list all documents leave all search fields empty and press 'Search Document(s)' button.

Adding New Users

  • How do I add a new user? Simply go to user information enter the new user details and password select the type of user they are click add new user and then update the item fields.
  • Who Can add a new user? Only Managers can add new users.
  • What is the difference between a User/Manager? A user only has a basic view of the system and cannot update or add new users a manager has complete control and can add and remove users.


  • Can I raise and invoice if an order is not sent through EDI? Yes simply click on ‘Invoices’ on the left hand side then click on the tab ‘Create New Invoice’
  • Can I change the quantities delivered on an invoice? Yes, by clicking into the ‘qty’ field make the change and click ‘Recalculate’
  • Can I delete items from an invoice? Yes, by clicking on ‘Remove’ button located on the right of the product line.
  • How do I raise an invoice for a back order? Click on ‘Invoiced Orders’, search for the correct order no. by using the ‘Search Criteria’. View the order and click on ‘Restore Order’. It will be restored back in ‘Acknowledged Orders’ for invoicing.


  • What is Archiving used for? Archive old messages that have been fulfilled and invoiced.
  • How do I archive? Select the items you wish to archive then click on the archive selected at the bottom of the screen.
  • What should I archive? Any messages that have been fulfilled and invoiced should be archived. This will then store them under the year it was archived.
  • Is OpenEDI archiving automatic? Documents archiving is not automated in standard OpenEDI configuration.

Product Catalogue

  • What is the product catalogue used for? The product catalogue is used to store all information about the products you are selling into each trading partner.
  • How do I add products? Click on the product catalogue tab, choose the correct trading partner, add the product details and EAN number then click update item field.
  • How do I remove products? Simply go to the item you wish to remove select this and then click update item fields.


  • What if I make an error on an Invoice/ASN? If an error is made on a sent Invoice/ASN it is advisable to contact the trading partner to notify them and receive instructions on how to proceed.
  • Can I delete an invoice from the system? No, it is only possible to ‘Archive Selected Invoices’.


  • How do I print an Order/Invoice/ASN? Go to the correct tab on the left hand side click on the message you wish to print select this message and then click print selected at the bottom of the page.
  • Do I need to change any settings? No.

CSV Download

  • How do I download a CSV file? Select the message you wish to download then click the download as CSV button at the bottom of the screen.
  • What files can I download? Orders, Invoices, ASN's, Remittance advice notes Sales Reports, Inventory reports.
  • Is CSV file format used to export documents adjustable? No. You cannot change CSV format in standard OpenEDI configuration. If any changes are required contact your account manager at Transalis.


  • How do I add a new E-mail address? You should have Manager's access to OpenEDI to perform this task. Click on ‘Change Notifications’ on the left hand side. Enter the e-mail address, click on ‘Save Changes’ It is then necessary to ‘Restart Processes’ by following the instructions on screen.

Forgotten Password

  • How to restore forgotten password? Use 'Lost password' link of the login screen (located near 'Login' button). Enter your email address on the next page and press 'Send password' button. If your email is registered in OpenEDI your password will be emailed to this email address.